Model assessment of acid deposition potential by SOx in Sri Lanka

Authors - O.A. Ileperuma

Year of Publishing - 2015

Keywords - Acidic deposition, RAINS-ASIA, transboundary pollution

Inorganic aspects of medical geology

Authors - C.B. Dissanayake ,R.Chandrajith

Year of Publishing - 2006

Keywords - medical geology, fluoride, geochemistry of nitrates, podoconiosis

Chronic kidney disease of unknow origin (CKDu)

Authors - World Health Organization,Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition

Year of Publishing - 2009

Keywords - Chronic kidney disease, Sri lanka, North central province

Aetiological factors of Chronic Kidney Disease in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka: A review of evidence to-date

Authors - K. Wanigasuriya

Year of Publishing - 2012

Keywords - Chronic kidney disease, Aetiology, Sri Lanka

Renal Effects of Uranium in Drinking Water

Authors - P.Kurttio, A.Auvinen, L.Salonen,H.Saha,J.Pekkanen,I.Mäkeläinen,S.B.Väisänen,I.M.Penttilä,H.Komulainen

Year of Publishing - 2002

Keywords - drinking water, glomerular function, renal tubular function, uranium, uranium toxicity. Environ Health Perspect


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