Water Quality Fact Sheet : Fluoride

Authors - Office, Wateraid Country Africa, East

Year of Publishing - 2014

Keywords -

Chronic kidney disease associated with environmental toxins and exposures.

Authors - Soderland, Peter Lovekar, Shachi Weiner, Daniel E Brooks, Daniel R Kaufman, James S

Year of Publishing - 2014

Keywords - Aristolochic Acids; Aristolochic Acids: adverse effects; Balkan Nephropathy; Balkan Nephropathy: etiology; Chronic Disease; Drugs; Chinese Herbal; Drugs; Chinese Herbal: adverse effects; Endemic Diseases; Environmental Exposure; Environmental Pollutants; Environmental Pollutants: adverse effects; Heat Stroke; Heat Stroke: complications; Humans; Infection; Infection: complications; Infection: epidemiology; Kidney Diseases; Kidney Diseases: chemically induced; Kidney Diseases: epidemiology; Kidney Diseases: etiology; Kidney Failure; Chronic; Kidney Failure; Chronic: chemically induced; Kidney Failure; Chronic: epidemiology; Metals; Heavy; Metals; Heavy: adverse effects; Nicaragua; Nicaragua: epidemiology; Occupational Exposure; Physical Exertion; Recurrence; Sri Lanka; Sri Lanka: epidemiology


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