Properties, use and health effects of depleted uranium (DU): a general overview

Authors - A. Bleise, P.R. Danesi, W. Burkart

Year of Publishing - 2003

Keywords - Depleted uranium; Biomonitoring; Radiation exposure; Toxicity; Health impact

Dose-dependent Na and Ca in fluoride-rich drinking water —Another major cause of chronic renal failure in tropical arid regions

Authors - R.Chandrajith, C.B. Dissanayake, T.Ariyarathna, H.M.J.M.K Herath,J.P. Padmasiri

Year of Publishing - 2011

Keywords - Chronic kidney diseases, Fluoride, Dry zone, Na–Ca ratio, Groundwater, Hydrogeochemistry, Medical geology, Sri Lanka

Arsenic in the soil environment : A review

Authors - E. Smith,R. Naidu, A. M. Alston

Year of Publishing - 1998

Keywords - Arsenic, soil Environment

Challenge of non-communicable epidemic chronic disease in society

Authors - R.Sheriff

Year of Publishing - 2009

Keywords - non-communicable, epidemic, chronic disease, Sri Lanka

Analysis of field-moist Cd contaminated paddy soils 5 during rice grain fill allows reliable prediction of grain 6 Cd levels

Authors - R.W. Simmons, A.D. Noble, P. Pongsakul, O. Sukreeyapongse, N. Chinabut

Year of Publishing - 2007

Keywords - Cadmium . Extraction methods . Rice grain, cadmium . Uptake model . Zinc


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