Arsenic binding mechanisms on natural red earth: A potential substrate for pollution control

Authors - M. Vithanage,W.Senevirathna,R.Chandrajith, R.Weerasooriya

Year of Publishing - 2007

Keywords - Natural Red Earth; Arsenite; Arsenate; Arsenic removal; Surface complexation; Water treatment

Review of the current contamination status of Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

Authors - R.W. Simmons

Year of Publishing - 2004

Keywords - current contamination, status of Potentially, Toxic Elements (PTEs), Greater Mekong Sub-region

Providing Safe Drinking Water to CKDu affected areas

Authors - K.Trust

Year of Publishing - 2013

Keywords - North central province, chronic kidney decease, CKDu, safe drinking water,

International Symposium on water quality and human health: CHALLENGES AHEAD

Authors - O.Ileperuma, N.Priyantha,A.Navaratne,S.Yatigammana,S.Weragoda

Year of Publishing - 2012

Keywords - Terrain geochemistry, water quality and health,disease, Chemical amplification of pollutants, Sri Lanka,

Prevalence of and risk factors for chronic kidney disease in rural Nicaragua

Authors - J.K.O’Donnell, M.Tobey, D.E.Weiner, L.A.Stevens,S.Johnson,P.Stringham, B.Cohen,D.R. Brooks

Year of Publishing - 2010

Keywords - chronic kidney disease; epidemiology; Latin America; Nicaragua; prevalence


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