Pollution of River Mahaweli and farmlands under irrigation by cadmium from agricultural inputs leading to a chronic renal

Authors - J. M. R. S. Bandara,H. V. P. Wijewardena,Y. M. A. Y. Bandara, R. G. P. T. Jayasooriya, H. Rajapaksha

Year of Publishing - 2010

Keywords - Phosphate fertilizer, Cadmium from, fertilizer, Chronic renal failure, Cadmium loading, Cadmium in tributaries, Cadmium mobility

Review of the pollution threat to groundwater in Sri Lanka

Authors - Lawrence, A. R.; Chilton, P. J.; Kuruppuarachchi, D. S. P.

Year of Publishing - 1988

Keywords - pollution threat, groundwater, Sri Lanka

Spatial distribution of fluoride in groundwater of Sri Lanka

Authors - R.Chandrajith, J.P. Padmasiri, C.B. Dissanayake, K.M. Prematilaka

Year of Publishing - 2012

Keywords - Dental fluorosis, Dry Zone, fluoride distribution, skeletal fluorosis, spatial distribution map.

Iodine in the environment and endemic goitre in Sri Lanka

Authors - C. B. Dissanayake, R.L.R.Chandrajith

Year of Publishing - 2007

Keywords - Iodine, environment,endemic goitre, Sri Lanka

Possible link of Chronic arsenic toxicity with Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology in Sri Lanka

Authors - M.A.C.S.Jayasumana,P.A.Paranagama,M.D. Amarasinghe, K.M.R.C.Wijewardane,K.S.Dahanayake,S.I.Fonseka,K.D.L.M.P.Rajakaruna,

Year of Publishing - 2013

Keywords - Chronic kidney disease, arsenic, agrochemicals, Sri Lanka


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