Vulnerability of Coastal Aquifers Due to Nutrient Pollution from Agriculture: Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Authors - P.Jayasingha, A. Pitawala, H. A. Dharmagunawardhane

Year of Publishing - 2011

Keywords - Nutrient pollution, Coastal aquifers, Agriculture, Fertilizer

Lead, Arsenic, and Cadmium Contamination and Its Impact on Children’s Health in La Oroya, Peru

Authors - M.K.Reuer,N.W. Bower,J.H. Koball,E.Hinostroza,M.E.De la TorreMarcas,J.A.H.Surichaqui,S.Echevarria

Year of Publishing - 2011

Keywords - Lead, Arsenic,Cadmium Contamination,Children’s Health,La Oroya,Peru

Heavy metals in drinking water & their environment impact on human health

Authors - H.M.Salem, E,A, Eweida,A.Farag

Year of Publishing - 2000

Keywords - Heavy metals,drinking water,Environment impact,human health,Sri Lanka

Health Effects of Toxic Organic Substances from Coal: Toward ‘‘Panendemic’’ Nephropathy

Authors - W.Orem, C.Tatu, N.Pavlovic, J.Bunnell, H.Lerch, V.Paunescu, V.Ordodi, D.Flores, M.Corum, A.Bates

Year of Publishing - 2007

Keywords - Health Effects of Toxic Organic Substances from Coal: Toward ‘‘Panendemic’’ Nephropathy

The relative exclusion of zinc and iron from rice grain in relation to rice grain cadmium as compared to soybean

Authors - R W. Simmons,P. Pongsakul,R. L. Chaney, D. Saiyasitpanich, S. Klinphoklap, W. Nobuntou

Year of Publishing - 2003

Keywords - cadmium, comparative exclusion, health implications, iron, rice grain, zinc


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