A Generalized Multiple Regression Model to Predict Cadmium Uptake in Rice Grain

Authors - R. W. Simmons, A. D. Noble, P. Pongsakul

Year of Publishing - 2005

Keywords - Multiple Regression Model, Cadmium Uptake, Rice Grain, Sri Lanka

Cadmium in Paddy Soils and Rice Grain in Nam Dinh, Vietnam: a Potential Public Health Risk?

Authors - R. W. Simmonsl ,N.C.Vinh, J.R.Jensen

Year of Publishing - 2010

Keywords - Cadmium,Paddy Soils,Rice Grain, Vietnam, Potential Public Health Risk

Aristolochic acid and the etiology of endemic (Balkan) nephropathy

Authors - A. P. Grollman etal.,

Year of Publishing - 2007

Keywords - environmental mutagen, p53 mutation, urothelial cancer, DNA adduct

Report of LDD-IWMI Land Zoning and Cd Risk Assessment Activities Undertaken in Phatat Pha Daeng and Mae Tao Mai Subdistricts,

Authors - R.W. Simmons, O. Sukreeyapongse, A. D. Noble, N. Chinabut

Year of Publishing - 2005

Keywords - LDD-IWMI Land Zoning,Cd Risk Assessment Activities, Phatat Pha Daeng, Mae Tao Mai Subdistricts, Mae Sot, Tak Province, Thailand

Genetic Polymorphism Influencing Arsenic Metabolism in Human

Authors - H.T akeshita, J.Fujihara, T.Agusa, S.Takahashi, H.Iwata, S.Tanabe

Year of Publishing - 2009

Keywords - arsenic metabolism, AS3MT, ethnic differences, genetic polymorphism, PCR-RFLP


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