Cadmium-hazard mapping using a general linear regression model (Irr-Cad) for rapid risk assessment

Authors - R.W. Simmons, A.D. Noble, P. Pongsakul, O. Sukreeyapongse, N. Chinabut

Year of Publishing - 2008

Keywords - Cadmium, Hazard mapping, Soil contamination

Adsorption kinetics of chromium(III) removal from aqueous solutions using natural red earth

Authors - C.Nikagolla, R.Chandrajith, R.Weerasooriya,C. B. Dissanayake

Year of Publishing - 2013

Keywords - Natural red earth, Chromium(III), Surface complexation, Diffuse layer model (DLM)

Medical geology in tropical countries with special reference to Sri Lanka

Authors - C. B. Dissanayake, R.Chandrajith

Year of Publishing - 2007

Keywords - Geochemical provinces, Climatic zone, Dental fluorosis, De-fluoridation, Iodinedeficiency disorders (IDDs), Selenium geochemistry.

Hydrogeochemistry of the groundwater flow system in a crystalline terrain: a study from the Kurunegala district, Sri Lanka

Authors - H. A. H. Jayasena, R.Chandrajith,C. B. Dissanayake

Year of Publishing - 2007

Keywords - Groundwater, Hydro-geochemistry, Precambrian terrain, Sri Lanka, Fracture zones,Climatic zones, Kurunegala district

Medical geochemistry of tropical environments

Authors - Medical geochemistry of tropical environments

Year of Publishing - 1999

Keywords - medical geochemistry; tropical environments; environmental geochemistry; health relationships


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