A Geochemical classification of ground water of Sri Lanka

Authors - C.B.Dissanayake,S.V.R.weerasooriya

Year of Publishing - 1985

Keywords - Geochemical,Ground water, Sri Lanka

Combined Effect of Chronic Kidney Disease and Peripheral Arterial Disease on All-Cause Mortality in a High-Risk Population

Authors - Y.P.Liew,J.R. Bartholomew,S.Demirjian,J.Michaels,M.J.Schreiber

Year of Publishing - 2008

Keywords - Chronic Kidney Disease, Peripheral Arterial Disease,High-Risk Population

Chronic Kidney Disease with Unknown Etiology: The discourse, lay perception, behaviour and coping mechanisms

Authors - C.Liyanage

Year of Publishing - 2013

Keywords - Chronic Kidney Disease,Etiology,behaviour and coping mechanisms, Sri Lanka

lnvestigation and Evaluation of Chronic Kidney DisdaSe of Uncertain Aetiology in Sri Lanka

Authors - World Health Organization

Year of Publishing - 2013

Keywords - Chronic Kidney, Aetiology, Sri Lanka

CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE-Risk factor identification

Authors - Y.K.R.T.Jayasinghe

Year of Publishing - 2011

Keywords - Chronic kidney disease, Sri Lanka,


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